School trips abroad

Each year, teachers offer students the opportunity to go on school trips, either by sectors, classes or open to all.

Some of the trips already made areFlorence, Madrid, Helsinki, Malta, Sicily and Greece.


Studying abroad : awareness-raising projects

The mobility discovery project:“to be a foreigner in a foreign country”, involves voluntary pupils and students, and is financially supported by the regional council: It is hosted by the CEMEA (training centres for the Promotion of Progressive Education) to combat the apprehensions of remoteness

Interventions from the Direct Europe Centre of the Picardy region: testimonies of young Europeans experiencing the Erasmus Mobility +, or involved in the European Civic Service.

Participation in the competition “Supporting Europe in Picardy”, created by the Direct Europe Centre of the Picardy region, as part of the “European days at College”, financed by the Picardy Regional Council and supported by the Amiens Board of Education.

eTwinning projects:  culinary French –Spanish exchanges in BTEC Hospitality and Catering, Epistolary exchanges with Christmas Cards in BTEC Health and Social Care.


Erasmus + Programs

International Mobility Projects have existed for several years at St Vincent de Paul College, which has already signed several agreementswith foreign companies hosting our students on internships.  We wish to offer this opportunity to a large number of pupils, apprentices and students with the help of the European program Erasmus +, and other mobility projects from DAREIC (District Organization for European and International relations and cooperation) and by the ‘Hauts de France’ region.

BTEC Erasmus + mobility.

In 2015-2016, seven pupils from the BTEC Administration and BTEC Health and Social Care sectors carried out their internships in either England or Spain, via the MOPIC14 consortium, backed by DAREIC of Amiens.

From 2017 to 2019, our college will benefit from four new internship grants for BTEC pupils.

Student Erasmus + mobility.

The Erasmus + chart held by our college enablesstudents to have greater mobility opportunities. In 2017-2018, these will take place as part of the CALME_sup2 consortium, supported by the DAREIC of Lille, and involving eleven Higher Education Establishments in the region of Hauts de France.

Apprentices Erasmus + mobility.

An Erasmus + partnership has existed since 2016 with the Melia White House Hotel, in London, which welcomes NVQ students in Hospitality (Housekeeping) for a two or three week period.


Course catalogue/ECTS (HND)

Note: the introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is under way. This system promotes the transparency of programs and qualifications, the recognition of diplomas at a European level and therefore, the outgoing and incoming mobility of students.

Several documents assist with the transfer and accumulation of credits, and ensure the full recognition of mobility projects carried out within cross border studies or internships.

  • Course catalogues:  They show the training contents and the corresponding credits for each suggested module( on a basis of 60 ECTS per semester)
  • The study contract: It defines the training program and/or internship. It is approved by the student, St Vincent de Paul College and by the host company or establishment. These three signing parties agree to comply with the agreed conditions and to recognize the studies or internship carried out abroad.
  • The diploma supplement:it accompanies the obtained diploma of higher studies, describing its content in a standardized way for a better recognition in the European countries. It may include, where appropriate, a statement of the mobility period carried out under the Erasmus + program.


Erasmus + Charter.

Since 2016, the school has been the holder of the Erasmus + Charter. This charter constitutes the general framework of quality for all the European and international cooperation actions set up by the college in higher education.

Consolidating the various projects of studying abroad for several years, its obtention allows our students to benefit from greater opportunities for European and international mobility.

More about the Erasmus + 2014-2020 program:


Staff mobility

The St Vincent de Paul College wishes to encourage the mobility of all its personnel for the purposes of teaching or training abroad. It will:

  • Widely circulate the opportunities for European and international mobility, notably proposed within the framework of the Erasmus +
  • Support the implementation of this mobility.
  • Offer a mobility contract.
  • Fully recognize the activities carried out and the experience gained during this mobility

Contacts for further information

Isabelle Vasseur, Documentalist and Reference Teacher for European and International Action
Francine Bertrand, DDFPT
Antoine Vasseur, coordinator of higher education